The Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra InnStrumenti is particularly committed to promoting the cultural participation of the next generations – be it through our creative school and family concerts or through the development of innovative digital learning programmes. It is our central responsibility and mission to inspire young people for culture through age-appropriate programmes and activities, to build bridges to young people and to whet their appetite for more.

Ab InnS concert - school concerts

In co-operation with the Tiroler Kulturservice, the concert format Ab InnS’ Konzert brings young people closer to classical music in a creative and interactive way. Aimed at the respective age group, diverse facets of orchestral music come to life, fascinating encounters with young soloists, renowned artists and contemporary composers.

Admission: € 3 per pupil
Due to the high demand, we kindly ask you to register as soon as possible.

22. Nov 2024 (Fri), 11.00
Haus der Musik

Concert for the classroom

In our video The Beethoven Case, produced especially for schools, pupils experience symphonic music presented in an age-appropriate and lively way and are actively involved in the mysterious search for answers with Detective Strohkopf! We are delighted with the positive response, because this free online concert format with numerous additional materials, which has also been awarded the prestigious Comenius Prize, gives thousands of pupils the chance to experience a concert from the classroom. This offer is complemented by live concert recordings, which can also be used free of charge in music lessons.

Family concert

Great orchestral music for the whole family: with our family concert, we show that it is possible to inspire the whole family and especially young concertgoers to enjoy classical music. Promoting the cultural participation of people of all social classes and age groups is a central concern of the Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra InnStrumenti!

Co-operation projects

„Lautstark“ ist ein einzigartiges Angebot für ca. 50 Kinder und Jugendliche zwischen 8 und 18 Jahren, die mindestens zwei Jahre ein Instrument spielen, sich eine Woche dem Musizieren von Neuer Musik und vor allem dem Komponieren in der Gruppe zu widmen. Im Laufe einer Woche werden unter Anleitung der Dozent:innen Kompositionen erarbeitet, wobei vor allem dem freien Musizieren und Improvisieren mit Stimme und mit Instrumenten ein weiter Raum geboten wird. Am Ende der Woche werden die Kompositionen aufgeschrieben (es entstehen meist Partituren bestehend aus traditionellen und graphischen Elementen) und im Rahmen eines öffentlichen Abschlusskonzertes dem Publikum vorgestellt.